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Ask our representative for an advice!

Jan-16-2019 07:30:42 AM

Dear Clients!
By becoming our partner, you will be on a roll of your financial ambition shortly. The number of the deposits you can open is not limited, since it is possible to use a number of our different tariffs at the same time. You can withdraw your profit using various payment systems or use it again in the balance of your account. You just need to click on 'Deposit from the Account Balance' and continue making profit!

Ask our representative for an advice how to increase efficiency of your investments.
Find representative from your region:

If you trust our company and would like to help people reach their limitless potential with DER Global Limited, apply for representative:
Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited

DERGlobal stands for Electrum or Bitcoin Core as your main bitcoin wallet.

Jan-05-2019 06:52:56 AM

Dear Clients!
We stand for Electrum ( or Bitcoin Core ( as your main bitcoin wallet.

The best bitcoin wallet is bitcoin core ( Sometimes is very difficult to keep your wallet up to date and download the whole bitcoin chain.
That is why we may recommend you to use light Electrum wallet as your main bitcoin wallet:

Why we recommend you to use this wallet?
We recommend you this wallet because you keep your coins on your PC instead of holding your coins on third party resources like coinbase, jaxx, etc.

But why?
1. Not for the first time some of our clients meet the situation when third party wallets do not add coins to their clients’ wallets sometimes. And our clients have to contact their support services about the issue with blockchain history of their wallets.
2. You can’t predict the future of such sites future instead of copy of your wallet on your PC or USB drive with your money.

We care about our clients and do not want them to face any unpleasant situations in the future due to the fault of a third party.

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited


Dec-24-2018 02:13:00 AM

Dear Clients!

DER Global Limited is wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas.
May the magic of the holiday season enthralls you and your family into happiness and joy.
We wish you nothing but happiness for the rest of the year.

Merry Christmas!
DER Global Limited

Migration to new server and fake mailing

Dec-11-2018 04:12:51 PM

Dear Clients!

We have some announcements for today.

Firstly, we would like to inform you that today evening we will migrate to new much efficient dedicated server.

It will not take much time and should not make any inconvenience, but DNS updates can take time for some regions and providers.

In order to update your DNS much faster please update your Router's/PC's DNS with Google DNS servers:,

Secondly, some our clients contacted us about some fake email mailing about some representatives winnings.

This is fake. Please do not share any login, passwords or payment details with third party.

Please trust only this email address:,,

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited

First year with

Nov-15-2018 05:05:17 PM

Dear Clients!

We have a really great announcement for today.
Our online investment service crossed the first year of online presence.
We appreciate our clients for supporting us because it wouldn❜t be possible to reach such significant date without our clients supporting.
For the period of our first year presence we have been able to increase assets of our clients in 7 times according on the minimum investment plan which we find a quite good figure, but we know that we will not stop on it because of mutual beneficial cooperation with our clients.
In the recent times we implemented many new features on our website and our service to make it much better and to be much closer to our clients.
We upgraded our support service and set up live chat and phone support.
Now, you may contact our support service 24\7 and solve any problem with our assistants.
Phone support is available by phone: +442035148805 (UK).
We increased our presence in social media and started our Facebook, Twitter pages and Telegram channel. Now our clients may be in touch and follow company’s news in the usual platforms for them.
The latest our innovation – we started our YouTube channel:
And for the celebration of our first year online we prepared 5 commercials that describe our online investment service and our terms.
We hope that you enjoy watching them:
And the most interesting our innovation has been started on this week – we started a representative program which may definitely increase profit of our clients who would like to build a strong partnership structure with our three-level referral system.
In the nearest time we plan to increase security of accounts of our clients by implementing a 2-factor authentication because we care about the safety of our platform and the safety and security of our clients❜ funds.
We hope you enjoy with DER Global Limited because we do our best to make the best financial service in the market.

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited

DER Global Limited Representative Program

Nov-11-2018 04:32:00 AM

Dear Clients!
In the preparation of celebration of the first year online of we prepare many new features which you already may see and one of them is regional representative program.
We offer a great opportunity to make much more profit with your partners and using our exclusive terms.
Learn more about becoming a regional representative of
If you need any advice and you want to ask independent person, please find a regional representative in your country:
We also prepared a commercial that describe our referral system. You may find it in our brand new YouTube channel:

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited

DER Global Limited reached 50000 clients!

Oct-25-2018 08:30:35 PM

Dear Clients!

With a great pleasure we would like to announce that we reached 50000 clients.
For the period of 344 days more than $113.6 million dollars has been invested with our online investment service and more than $36.2 million dollars has been withdrawn.
We are really grateful to our clients who trust us their assets.

We would like to inform you that we also changed the structure of our affiliate program.
From now it has 3 levels: 5%-2%-1%.

Moreover, we set up our social networks representative pages:
Telegram -
Facebook -
Twitter -

In the nearest time we are planning set up online chat and phone support.

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited

Happy Easter!

Apr-1-2018 10:51:14 AM

Dear Clients!

We are wishing you an extraordinary and joyful Easter.
May your life be full of blessings!

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

Dec-24-2017 01:40:33 AM

Dear Clients!

May this year give you the opportunity to follow your dreams, love like there is no tomorrow and smile unconditionally. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited

Warm Thanksgiving wishes to our wonderful Clients!

Nov-22-2017 10:10:32 AM

Dear Clients!

Hope that you are surrounded with the love of your family and dear ones on this festive season.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited

Welcome on board

Nov-15-2017 09:28:43 AM

Dear Clients!

We are glad to welcome you on - official website of DER Global Limited.
We will do our best to make the best investment service in the market.

Yours faithfully,
DER Global Limited



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